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Digital Lending

CoFi’s Digital Lending Platform facilitates a seamless, real-time interaction between builder and lender.  It provides access and transparency to both sides of the loan, resulting in an easy yet powerful way to stay on the same page and get paid.
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On-Demand Payments

One Platform
CoFi is a collaborative software for developers, builders, subcontractors, owners, and lenders. Through the platform, builders can invite any subs or suppliers to get paid via ACH instantly. Having a central place to track budgets, get paid, and settle invoices simplifies the payment process for all involved.
Real-Time Approvals
The construction industry is growing at an unprecedented speed and everyone from the bottom up needs to get paid. As work and the job site progress, CoFi has an intelligent workflow to secure real-time approvals.
Get Paid Digitally
With the power of mobile banking today, cutting checks is antiquated and unnecessary. CoFi allows for builders, owners, suppliers, and subs to get paid via ACH. Builders can finally and confidently pay their partners as often as necessary to keep the project moving, secure discounts, or maintain loyalty.
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Transparent Processing
The inspection has long been an annoyance and a burden to hurdle to get paid. It's been a costly fee and a roadblock for more frequent payment requests. By aligning the builder and lender with software and technology, everyone is informed, and processing is immediate. Everyone will be on-time and on-task with the right details at the right time.
Digitally Verified,  Human Certified
The future of construction and finance includes the use of technology. CoFi supplies the builder with tech that revolutionizes the meaning of a digital inspection. Upon completion, the inspection moves back in-house for final verification, creating a new standard of inspections.
Real-Time Alerts and Messaging
The inspection lives inside CoFi with real-time alerts and notifications. The software and inspection has been streamlined to assure project completion is up-to-date for both the builder and the lender to see instantaneously. This means that as the project progresses, everyone knows project status and funds can be released.
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Financial Alignment

Budget Harmony
The budget starts with the builder. In CoFi, the budget is used to match payments and categories, which lenders use to monitor project completion. From now on, there is no need for reconciliation emails about line-item transfers, change orders, or overages. This budget harmony is what Cofi calls “the single source of truth”.
Line-Item Transfers
Has the framing material line item gone over budget recently? When adding a payment request, the builder can simply request a line-item transfer within CoFi. The lender can then quickly approve the change and the transfer is complete. Everyone is on the same page and the project can continue while maintaining financial health.
Simplified, Digital Records
It is very common for builders, developers, and lenders to keep physical copies of documents, which is very tedious and unmanageable. With CoFi, builders, developers, and lenders can run their business in a fully digital way. Accessing documents, lien waivers, and financial history in one central application makes CoFi the financial system of record.
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