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The Way Construction
Finance Should Be.

Empowering builders to secure the best financing that is seamlessly streamlined to the job site. With CoFi, builders control the cash so everyone gets paid on-time, every time.
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Providing the Best Construction Financing

Builders want to focus on building, which leaves very little time to generate new lending relationships.  CoFi is the only construction loan marketplace with lenders that specialize in acquisition, development, and vertical construction.

Architectural and financial draft for construction project

Enabling Speed of Payment

Construction has one of the highest failure rates of any industry, and the number one cause is slow payments. Subcontractors and suppliers live on cash flow and getting them paid fast gives builders leverage, loyalty, and sets them apart in the industry.

Construction workers at sunset looking at project plans

Making Finance
Standards, Standard

CoFi has done away with outdated processes and inefficiencies by bringing predictability and consistency to construction finance relationships. No more guesswork - with CoFi, builders can rest assured that their projects will receive the best terms and service, increasing profit on the front and back end.

Ed Axley CEO of Davies Construction

“With the use of CoFi, we’ve been able to decrease our average pay rate to our subcontractors by almost 10 days, which allows them to get their vendors and suppliers paid quicker.  We really become a team player.  They perform better with us, and we perform better as well.  It’s a win-win situation all around when everything is running like a well oiled machine.”

Ed Axley
CEO of Davies Construction

See CoFi in Action

Complete the form to see the CoFi platform. Whether you’re a builder looking for financing, or a lender searching for a partnership, CoFi has you covered.