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Construction Loan Marketplace

CoFi’s Construction Loan Marketplace offers builders the ability to submit project details in one central place and receive the best rates and terms in the industry.  Whether it's traditional or more privatized lending, CoFi has relationships that allow builders to find the financing that's best for them.
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The Best Rates & Terms

Traditional Money
It is common knowledge that banks and credit unions offer great rates. In order to get those rates, there are requirements of extra time, paperwork and skin in the game to adhere to the policies of the lender. CoFi maintains relationships with local and national lenders that provide traditional money.
Mid-Tier Money
Mid-tier lenders know that sometimes a builder or a project don’t fit with either traditional or private money groups. These lenders see a need to take care of the small and medium builders with specialized rates and terms that fall in the middle. CoFi holds relationships with these lenders to meet the needs of all builders and all project types.
Private Money
Hard money lenders are likely the most misunderstood and often a hidden gem in the lending marketplace for builders. While their rates may be higher, they compete because they decide fast and offer attractive terms to minimize the out-of-pocket expense to the builder. Private lenders maintain great relationships with CoFi to best suit the needs of their clients.
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Construction Lenders that Want More Business

Lenders that Want to Lend
CoFi’s marketplace is full of lenders that want to grow. They are hungry to grow and invest in builders and projects. With varying construction loans available, there is no better time than now to secure a new lending relationship.
Specialized Lenders
CoFi lenders all specialize in construction and development loans. They know what to look for and how to communicate for everyone to be successful. Builders can have peace of mind, knowing they will be talking to and working with the industry’s best.
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Builder-Lender Alignment

Project Details
CoFi understands construction intimately and has built a bridge with partner lenders.  It’s easy to get started and reapply with the CoFi loan application by submitting project details online through the loans application portal.
Targeted Distribution
Based on specific project details and goals, CoFi aligns builders with lenders that make sense. Due to the established relationship and trust between CoFi and their partners, the marketplace lenders can make a decision on the loan quickly.
Quick Closes
The industry is moving at an unprecedented pace and financing needs to keep up. CoFi lenders are excited for new projects and with streamlined details provided by our platform, decisions happen fast.
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See CoFi in Action

Complete the form to see the CoFi platform. Whether you’re a builder looking for financing, or a lender searching for a partnership, CoFi has you covered.